Our Story

We chose the name Chicane because it is widely known by racers, track drivers and motorsports enthusiasts.  A Chicane is a series of tight turns in opposite directions on a racecourse making it more technical and challenging. Chicanes are sometimes placed on a long straight to prevent vehicles from reaching speeds deemed to be unsafe. 

Our team has over 100 years of footwear creation experience at major brands, and we have a strong passion for motorsports. We are combining our passions and we have partnered with Michelin to build the best motorsports footwear in the world.

We’ve designed all our footwear to perform at the highest level to meet the rigorous demands of competition driving.  All Chicane styles are handmade of the highest quality materials and workmanship and offer unmatched fit and comfort.  We start our process by collaborating with Michelin to develop the best sole designs and compounds for grip and long wear, add a polyurethane midsole for cushioning and durability and incorporate ergonomic dual-density insoles to enhance fit and comfort, both in and out of the car.      


Contact Us:

Phone: 1-888-919-4696

Email:  info@chicaneracing.com